Great – I Have Their Business Card. Now What?

Was machen wir nach einem persönlichen Kontakt beim Netzwerken und dem Austausch der Visitenkarten? Hier ein paar Tipps.

Wirksame Visitenkarten von

This happened to me recently at a large scale networking event I attended.  I met with several contacts, had a really great conversation about our businesses and we exchanged business cards. I even jotted down a few notes about the conversation on the back of the card. However, when I got home and went to follow up with them, I had nothing more to say than “Wow. It was great to meet you”.  Which is not the best way to make a lasting impression that could lead into a long term business relationship or future client. But the truth was – I didn’t know what to say next.  What do you do when you don’t have an immediate action to take?

So Malla Haridat thought of three quick steps to go. Read herarticle here.

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